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How to Send an Anonymous Email

How to Send an Anonymous Email

These days, most individuals are exchanging the pen and paper for a pc with a phrase processing progamme. These days, the choice to sending messages by way of snail mail is using the Web to ship piece of email. Typically individuals want to stay nameless when sending messages. This is useful for numerous causes, whether or not for privateness safety, to keep away from embarrassment of any type, or to voice an opinion with out worry of direct retaliation from one other celebration. That is achieved by means of use of remailers, which, in essence, are machines that ship the message on to the ultimate social gathering and take away any traces monitoring it again to the sender. Nevertheless, because the remailer does know the supply of the message and its vacation spot and content material, anonymity could also be compromised. So, until two or extra remailers are used, these nasty emails you write that annoyingly opinionated jerk in your favourite “Sopranos” message board could possibly be linked again to you.

There are two types of nameless remailers in widespread use. The primary is the type, the second is the cypherpunk type. The nameless remailer at is immensely common, with over 160,000 customers over its lifetime, and doubtless tens of hundreds of messages per day. Its fundamental benefit is that it’s really easy to make use of. The cypherpunks mailers, which present a lot better safety, are rising in popularity, nevertheless, as there’s extra consciousness of them.

The consumer of the system first must get an nameless id. That is accomplished both by sending mail to someone who already has one (for instance, by replying to a publish on Usenet), or sending mail to In both case, penet will mail again the brand new anon id, which seems to be like If an123456 then sends mail to a different consumer of the system, then that is what occurs:

  1. The mail is transported to, which resides someplace within the neighborhood of Espoo, Finland.
  2. These steps are carried out by software program operating on Penet first seems to be up the e-mail handle of the sender in its database, then replaces it with the numeric code. All different details about the sender is eliminated.
  3. Then, penet appears up the variety of the recipient in the identical database, and replaces it with the precise e-mail tackle.
  4. Lastly, it sends the mail to the precise e-mail handle of the recipient.

There are variations on this scheme, reminiscent of posting to Usenet (during which step three is eradicated), however that’s the essential concept.

The place makes use of a secret database to match anon id’s to precise e-mail addresses, the cypherpunks nameless remailers use cryptography to cover the precise identities. Let’s say I need to ship e-mail to an actual e mail handle, or submit it to Usenet, however maintain my id utterly hidden.

To ship it by way of one nameless remailer, that is what occurs.

  1. I encrypt the message and the recipient’s handle, utilizing the general public key of the nameless remailer of my selection.
  2. I ship the e-mail to the nameless remailer.
  3. When the nameless remailer will get the mail, it decrypts it utilizing its personal key, revealing as plaintext the message and the recipient’s handle.
  4. All details about the sender is eliminated.
  5. Lastly, it sends it to the recipient’s e-mail handle.

If one trusts the nameless remailer operator, that is ok. Nevertheless, the entire level of the cypherpunks nameless remailers is that you simply don’t have to belief anybody particular person or system. So, individuals who need actual safety use a sequence of nameless remailers. If anybody nameless remailer on the “chain” is trustworthy, then the privateness of the message is assured.

To make use of a sequence of nameless remailers, I first have to organize the message, which is nestled inside a number of layers of encryption, like a Russian matryoshka doll. Getting ready such a message is tedious and error susceptible, so many individuals use an automatic device akin to my premail package deal.

Anyway, after getting ready the message, it’s despatched to the primary nameless remailer in the chain, which corresponds to the outermost layer of encryption. Every nameless remailer strips off one layer of encryption and sends the message to the subsequent, till it reaches the ultimate nameless remailer. At this level, solely the innermost layer of encryption stays. This layer is stripped off, revealing the plaintext message and recipient for the primary time. At this level, the message is shipped to its precise recipient.

Nameless remailers exist in lots of places. A typical message may undergo Canada, Holland, Berkeley, and Finland earlier than ending up at its ultimate location.

Apart from the problem of getting ready all of the encrypted messages, one other disadvantage of the cypherpunk nameless remailers is that they don’t simply permit responses to nameless mail. All details about the sender is stripped away, together with any type of return tackle. Nevertheless the brand new alias servers promise to vary that. To make use of an alias server, one creates a brand new e mail handle. Mail despatched to this new tackle shall be untraceably forwarded to at least one’s actual handle.

To set this up, one first encrypts one’s personal e-mail handle with a number of layers of encryption. Then, utilizing an encrypted channel, one sends the encrypted tackle to the alias server, together with the nickname that one would really like. The alias server registers the encrypted tackle within the database. The alias server then handles reply mail in a lot the identical means as, besides that the mail is forwarded to the chain of nameless remailers.

For max safety, the consumer can organize it in order that, at every hyperlink in the chain, the nameless remailer provides one other layer of encryption to the message whereas eradicating one layer from the e-mail tackle. When the consumer lastly will get the e-mail, it’s encrypted in a number of layers. The matryoshka has to be opened one doll at a time till the plaintext message hidden inside is revealed.

One different level is that the nameless remailers have to be dependable to ensure that all this to work. That is very true when a sequence of nameless remailers is used – if any one of many nameless remailers is just not working, then the message will probably be dropped. That is why I keep an inventory of dependable nameless remailers. By selecting dependable nameless remailers to start out with, there’s a good probability the message will lastly get there.

Various Information

Listed here are the detailed steps required to create and ship an nameless e mail:

  1. Discover and select no less than two useful and dependable remailers. Not all remailers are all the time on-line or practical, however it’s potential to research the reliability of a remailer earlier than utilizing it.
  2. Get the general public PGP (Fairly Good Privateness) keys of the remailers. It will permit the message to be encrypted for anonymity and privateness. It is very important know the general public keys of each remailers. To do that, both this system PGP Residence or GnuPG (Gnu Privateness Guard) have to be put in. They can be utilized to obtain the PGP keys for the remailers.
  3. Open Notepad. Some other plain textual content editor out there may also work.
  4. On the primary line sort “::”.
  5. Enter “Anon-To:” adopted by the recipient’s e-mail handle. Depart one line clean then start typing the message.
  6. Save the file to the Desktop as “mail.txt.”
  7. On Home windows, choose ‘Run’ from the Begin menu and sort “cmd” and press Enter. On different platforms, open a command immediate.
  8. Use “cd” to go to your Desktop listing. That is what it appears like on home windows, “cd c:Paperwork and SettingsmenonDesktop”.
  9. Sort in “gpg-ea-r [last remailer address] remail.txt.”. Substitute [last remailer address] with the e-mail tackle of the final remailer within the chain. If two are getting used, the final one is the second remailer’s tackle. For instance, to ship an nameless e mail by way of remailer@aarg.internet then by way of, sort in “gpg-ea-r mail.txt”.
  10. Press Enter. GnuPG ought to ask for verification that the message is encrypted to an unverified key. Sort “y” and Press Enter.
  11. Open the encrypted mail.txt file in Notepad. The file is perhaps named “mail.txt.asc” or just “mail.asc.” Sort “::” within the first line and press Enter.
  12. Sort “Anon-To:” adopted by e-mail handle of the final remailer within the chain. The subsequent to final remailer must ship the message to the final remailer. That is the e-mail tackle for which the message was encrypted.
  13. Depart one line clean, sort in “::” and press Enter, then sort Encrypted: PGP”. Make certain that there’s one other empty line earlier than the encrypted message begins.
  14. Save the file as “mail.txt” once more and overwrite the prevailing file.
  15. Return on the command line and sort “gpg-ea-r [next but last remailer address] mail.txt”. Substitute this [next but last remailer address] with the e-mail tackle of the subsequent however final remailer within the chain.
  16. GnuPG ought to ask for verification that the message is encrypted to an unverified key. Sort “y” and press Enter. This could overwrite the prevailing “mail.asc” file. Open the file once more and enter “::” on the prime, adopted, within the subsequent line, by “Encrypted: PGP”, and depart one line clean, once more, earlier than the message begins.
  17. Press CTRL-A (or ALT-A relying on the platform) to pick the whole textual content, then CTRL-C or ALT-C to repeat.
  18. Create a brand new message within the e mail service and handle it to the primary remailer within the chain. Then paste the textual content within the message and ship.

Following these directions ought to ship the message to the remailers earlier than it reaches the recipient of the message, with out tracing it again to the sender.

Present Nameless Remailers

One nameless remailer of observe is the W3 Nameless Remailer offered by the George Mason Society and the International Web Liberty Marketing campaign.

To see a complete record on nameless remailers, level your net browser to

To seek out out concerning the Cypherpunks nameless e mail server and shopper, go to remailers tutorial

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